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The origins of Cantine Salvano date back to ancient times. In the 30s Angelo Salvano began producing wines in the farmhouse “Grillo” in the vineyards of Diano d’Alba, in the heart of Langhe. Its products, the result of the hard work in the vineyards and the dedication to a land hard and rich at the same time, start to be known by many. Immediately After the war the iron will of his son Xavier allowed him to expand the cellar and move Valle Talloria. Hence the name “Salvano” becomes synonymous with quality wines. In 1982 begins a new and decisive phase of growth, when two boys from the origins farmers decided to capitalize on their enthusiasm and realize their dream in drawer. Luciana Agnello and Piero Sobrero bring to the company and their ambitions personal experiences, keeping alive the tradition, the flavors and aromas of an ancient art, tied to the value of the land of the Langhe.

Our Wines

We produce wines  from the 30s, in the past wine making was only one among the multiple activities that were carried out in a farm.

Now we are proud we can dedicate our energies to our passion, which is transforming the grapes into wine


The Langhe, the cradle of wine

Langhe is the most important area in Northern Italy for quality and wine variety. Langhe is a land of gentle sinuous slopes set against the steep and rugged hills, where vineyards have been worked for centuries. This combination creates a landscape of haunting beauty and is even a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.