Liber Vinorum

This pack was created by recalling an old book, “DE NATURAL VINORUM HISTORIA, “written in 1595 by the Latin philosopher Andrea Bacci, who here tells the story of Italy, at that time called Oenotria, that “wine land”. In the text, the wine is praised as a valuable medicine for the mind and spirit. The book has inspired creativity of Luciana Lamb who designed the cover of the box, decorating with gold tooling valuable traits from the original work, as well as arabesques of the time. Inside a sheet of parchment contains part of the Latin text and its Italian translation, and stretches across three bottles of red wines, Barolo, Barbera “Maestrale” and Langhe Rosso “Trabuch”, the pride of our cellar. Lifting the parchment, reveals the unique image of three bottles: label with text in Latin and friezes original cover the work, red wax casting to hand embossed with the logo They save, and finally tricolor ribbons our Italian flag.